Complete Demolition Services, LLC.’s experienced workforce, and specialized equipment provide safe and cost effective demolition services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental sectors. Our dedicated crews are experts in the vast range of services we provide. Complete Demolition Services, LLC, specializes in total structure demolition, selective demolition, dismantling and deconstruction, abatement and remediation, assets recovery, recycling, concrete cutting, crushing and removal.


Complete Demolition Services, LLC. has the expertise and resources to complete projects in a safe and timely manner. We have successfully accomplished the following projects: demolition of water towers, parking decks, chemical manufacturing plants, assembly plants, power generating plants, treatment plants, office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and schools including university buildings. Complete Demolition Services, LLC. accomplishes a smooth transition from demolition to buildable property.


Our large inventory of specialized equipment, including trucks and roll-off containers, and our dedicated and experienced work force ensure that Complete Demolition Services, LLC. is capable of completing complex demolition projects for a competitive price, efficiently and to the highest industry standards.


Complete Demolition Services, LLC. is committed to maintaining the utmost standards of safety for our employees and our job sites in accordance with all applicable health and safety regulations. Complete Demolition Services, LLC. is certified, bonded, and fully insured.




Complete Demolition Services, LLC.

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